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·Geography Advantages
·The safe political environment
·The opened economic system
·Low labor cost
·The favorable trade status
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Creating A Communicating Flat Form, Harmonizing The Atmosphere In SSEZ
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On 22nd April, The SSEZ May 1st Festival Greeting and Seventh Anniversary Celebration Conversazione was held in the dining room on the first floor of Comprehensive Service Centre Building. All staff of the SSEZ Company and representatives of the entered companies took part in this conversazione and enjoy a happy time.

Seven years ago, there was a desolation place. Now there are more than 60 companies in this zone. The manager of the Marketing Department WANG Lei said. As the first pioneer, he witnesses the development of the SSEZ and experiences the most difficult time of the zone construction. The SSEZ, now, is representing a rudiment of an international industry zone. In the next 7 year, the SSEZ will have a better development he believed.

The manager of the Property Management Department said there are some insufficient of exiting services and it hopes that the companies could provide more valuable suggestions and the staff of the property management department will make efforts to improve their services in terms of more positive attitude and higher service standards.

The manager of the Shandong Forest Wood (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. DU Rong represented the directors of the entered companies to make a speech. He said our company has developed quite well. In order to meet the demands of the development and increase in the scale of production, our company has expanded the factories and production. He hoped that the SSEZ could arrange more activities like this to create more opportunities for companies to communicate with each other, share information and develop together.

General Manager DAI is making a speech

The General Manager DAI Yue’E showed her appreciation of the understanding and supports from the entered companies. She said even though the SSEZ has experienced a dramatic development, there are many imperfections during the construction. Then, the SSEZ Company will focus on the following aspects to improve the services.

First, improve the water and electricity supply systems, check and repair the supply pipes regularly to guarantee the water supply becoming smoother.

Secondly, based on the types of companies, certain service and supporting companies will be introduced to create the industry chains and improve the industrial supporting ability of the whole SSEZ.

Third, increase the investment of the living supporting facilities and build the dormitories for Cambodian workers. Moreover, encourage the residents in near villages to build dormitories and markets for workers in the SSEZ to meet the demands and local living habits of the Cambodian workers.

Fourth, enhance the recruitment advertisement to help company find workers. Meanwhile, make efforts to launch the career training center project and promote the regular and systemic operation of the vocational and technical education to satisfy the human resource demands of entered companies.

Fifth, strengthen the development of platform to encourage the information share such as some practical experience to improve the management abilities, efficiency and benefits. 

Sixth, conduct a variety of activities through the Youth Federation to enrich the spare time of the staff. 

Seventh, visit the entered companies and arrange the Suggestion Boxes to collect the ideas of the entered companies and improve the quality of services.

The general manager DAI said the toughest time of the construction has gone. With the support of the entered companies, the SSEZ will greet a more brilliant future becoming the new center of the Sihanouk Province.


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