Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility
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SSEZ always insist the concept, which is "development and ecology simultaneously, construction and pro-environmental simultaneously, economy and culture simultaneously, rights and responsibilities simultaneously, hardware and software simultaneously", to develop and construct since its inception.

(1)We constantly strengthen the construction of local talents by using advantages of our own platform. we entrust the Hodo University to train the talents with knowledge of international trade and Cambodian and sends them to the zone; we invite Cambodian relevant government departments to China to experience the concept of establishment, management and the successful practices of China’s development zone; we organize workers to teach Chinese for local students in spare time; we fund seven excellent Cambodian youths to China for further study; we also combined with Wuxi Commercial Vocational and Technical College of China to build SSEZ training center to train talents.

(2)We have integrated into the society and culture, and deepened the friendship with the local people. We totally comply with local laws and respect the local customs. Firstly, we urge the enterprises in the zone to strictly implement the Cambodia governmental regulations of social welfare that the staff should enjoy including all kinds of holidays. Secondly we enhance the relationship with the surrounding school teachers and students and community public, and deepen the friendship with the local people through the various forms of the compassion activities.

(3)We take an active part in the public welfare charity, and bring benefit to the local people. We donated 254,000 dollars to build the local school in 2008. And we have donated the accumulation of $106,000 to Cambodia Red Cross during three years; It is appreciated by local society and public that we specially contribute to improve the community transportation facilities, public activity places and health environment conditions.


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